Ichicoro Ane is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, in what appears to be a former gas station or auto repair shop. The set up and decor is ultra chic, and adds yet another place with a big city vibe to the Tampa food scene. Half Sumo collaborated with the interior design firms Warren Red and Dutch East Interior to realize this mural for the lounge room, inspired by the legendary Ama (海人) the women divers from the Japanese folklore.

The practice of ama may is 2,000 years old, those women dived wearing only a loincloth, and without scuba gear or air tanks, making them a traditional sort of free-diver. We explored this ancient tradition and created this mural illustrating heroic scenes of Ama divers fighting sea monsters and finding hidden treasures on the bottom of the sea bed. The plastic poses and the nudity gives to the mural a pinch of eroticism that intrigues the eye, perfect with a drink.

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